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[ The following post is both spoken (by Masaomi) and typed (by Shikamaru). Shikamaru is typing it as Masaomi says it, so it's possible that the text form includes a lot less rambling and snide comments in it. The text form is assumed other than the bullet point list of key points at the bottom, so use your imaginations ]

Hoooooohkay. It's been a while, Luceti, and this is your friendly store-fronter, Masaomi Kida. I'm also here with my main man Shikamaru, which some of you might know better or worse. This is coming from the private network that the Malnosso don't have access to. Anyway, we've have a pretty interesting summer all things considered, right? [ Well, mostly. But... ]

Anyway, a lot of stuff's happened, so I'm going to be making a bit of a forum here. If you think I've missed anything, or have your own insights to throw on out there, I know all of us would love to hear them! So don't be shy, and step on up!

[ But okay, that's enough wasting everyone's time. He inhales, exhales, and then in a more sober voice: ]

Let's go back to the beginning, here. After all, some of you might be newer than this intel.

Story of the events from March until now )

Aaaand, that's it. Unless anyone has anything I missed to add, which's possible! Now, Shikamaru'll be putting out a bullet point form of this for those of you who can't stand to listen to my melodious pipes for too long, so just skim that at the bottom. Let's get talking, folks!

[ And he signs off. He's still here, of course, but the promised (typed) bullet point list is: ]
  • Molly, Alice, and Carol have been missing since early March.

  • The Malnosso consider Bil a fugitive and are looking for information on him. In the past he's been both an ally and potential enemy, so use your discretion.

  • In May, Luceti was involved in a draft in Zompania. A Shift Bomb was used, initially wiping out all draftees. Thanks to John's intervention resetting time, the bomb was dismantled before it could be used and the battle was turned into a victory, but those who remember being "killed" in the bomb's blast have been experiencing distinctly similar nightmares since then.

  • Specialist Davis was sacrificed in this draft. An autopsy was performed and his body has been brought back to rest in Luceti.

  • Luceti has been experiencing ongoing time-related shifts for several months. Things that have happened as a result of that:

    • The ocean disappeared in June, allowing a group to explore the Temple Ruins that were previously underwater out there. Since the ocean's return, it has so far remained floating above the water and thus accessible.

    • The hidden chambers in the tunnels remain locked, due to interference with the computer's ability to generate access codes.

  • As of the past few days, these time-shifts appear to be escalating.

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[Jade Curtiss types his words and then speaks them, well aware of the many death penalties currently floating around Luceti.]

People of Luceti. This is Colonel Jade Curtiss speaking. For those of you who are new, this is a private channel that is a secret to the Malnosso. Please don't go discussing it freely on the journals. As for the purpose of this transmission? I would like to discuss a number of recent matters, with a focus on the draft that was held last month at Zompania. There's quite a bit of sensitive information to be relayed through this report, and please be warned that a majority of the subject matter may be disturbing in nature. [A light-hearted, beleaguered tone tints his speech.] Normally, I'd have someone else handle the explanations. But I suppose that in this case, it can't be helped...

[Especially with the other commanding units of the battle being out of reach. He's failed to make contact with Kakashi or Erwin, and Gai has been recuperating. So it falls on Jade's shoulders. And in this case, it's part of the responsibility that comes with having tried to organize them in the battle. So he's in a more formal mode than usual, with his snark kept in restraint.]

A number of you must have already heard about the occurrences in the draft from your peers or allies. However, I doubt that many of you have heard it in a comprehensive matter, so I will do my best to record what intelligence I have accumulated through my own experiences as well as what I have heard from others so far. Of course, anyone else who has any additional information to add may do so when I am done.

Draft infodump! )

In summary, it seems that there are a number of new factors in play. Different enclosures may have been endangered without us receiving any word of it, the Cultists have been creating deadly new weapons, and the Malnosso have been experimenting with time shifts. The latter is most likely connected to the odd phenomena that we have been experiencing in the village for the past two months. For one, I'm surprised that this computer did not revert into something much more archaic in the process of my operating it.

If anyone else has any other insights to add, please feel free to provide them. Let's not be shy. I'm also interested in hearing from any others who were present when the bomb detonated. Have you experienced anything unusual or unsettling since returning to the enclosure? Even if you have not experienced anything at all, that in itself would be a worthwhile contribution.

Thank you for your time.

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[ Around mid-day on March 15th, the following transmission is both dictated and typed. ]

Hello, Luceti. This is Hatake Kakashi, and I'm transmitting this over a secure network hidden from the Malnosso. Please be sure not to mention the secret network on the public journals, or the contents of this post, as the Malnosso are not aware we have this technology, and only have the most general idea about what I am about to discuss.

The point of this post is to give everyone an update on a village-wide alliance that was proposed last month, and also to provide you all with more information about the organization. Later on in this post, there will be a vote, which we hope you will participate in. Your insight and suggestions are important to us, and we'd like for this to be an open conversation. As there is another organization here in Luceti that calls itself the "Alliance" and there have been some concerns raised about the official name of this alliance being "the Luceti Alliance," we are currently operating under the title of "Luceti Joint Forces and Community Projects", or simply "Luceti Projects" for short.

The following post will be quite long, so you might want to take some time to review at length.

[ The rest of this is typed. Later on, a dictation of the text is added, for those who are not quite as comfortable with reading so much text. ]

SECTION 1. Overview )

SECTION 2. Current Situation )

SECTION 3. Concerns )

SECTION 4. Upcoming Schedule/Future Actions )

[ The text ends here and switches back to dictation. ]

Well, that was a pretty long report, and I hope you all managed to make it through it. But in case you didn't, and missed the last part, we will be having a mingle at the Barracks next week on Saturday, March 22nd. If you're a member, interested in the alliance, or would simply just like to come by for some food and drinks, feel free to drop by.

((ooc: This is an open discussion post, so feel free to start threads anywhere and threadjack as much as you'd like! Kakashi will try to respond as much as he can. Also, here is a spreadsheet of members; slightly IC notes. Feel free to add your own, and/or check off if your character would be in Community Projects!))
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[This is spoken, but she makes a typed version which follows, paraphrasing what is said vocally. It might not be word for word or anything]

Hello, Luceti. I'm Haruhi Suzumiya, the chief of the SOS-Brigade. You probably know me from that, but if you don't, I've been in Luceti for over five years now. [That'll be her credentials. Who's been in here longer than her... Albert, of course, Raine, Sheena. Maybe one or two other people.

...Man, she really has been here too long]
But I'm actually coming to you today for something different than the SOS-Brigade. In fact, it's something bigger than the SOS-Brigade. I'm coming to you today to make good on something I've told [Jade] a few people now: I'm here to tell you that we, the people of Luceti, are going to throw in our lot in creating a pan-enclosure alliance, independent of the influence of the Organization or anyone else like that! Of course, to accomplish that, I'm going to need to help of many of you guys, and I don't care if you're in my SOS-Brigade or not; as long as you can adhere to it's ideas of bettering the world, in this instance, I'm willing to consider you honorary members.

[And now to the camera on the laptops she holds up her own Brigade pin badage]

This is where we're going to start. This pin badge has, until now, identified someone as being a member, extended member, or honorary memory of my SOS-Brigade. You've probably seen it on members of my Brigade in town... but, you also might have seen it on some people from other enclosures during drafts or missions! Thus far, me and mine have managed to convince over a dozen people between several enclosures and even the Iron Eye to accept the badge.

[And... this is compromising her total control of the Brigade. But] -And I'd like that number to go up. So, anyone who is interested in uniting people with a common cause: that is, that we people in the enclosures need to unite together, and that we aren't going to accept what this world seems to be trying to shoulder on us like everyone else has, but still we're going to survive - that sort of message! A message for people who want there to be a better world than this one we all got sucked up into, and to see this world through, fix things! That sort of thing-! If you want to help us find people willing to join with that sort of message, then I want you to come by the SOS-Brigade's HQ and get some of these badges yourself. And next time you're on a draft or next time you're on a mission, you should tell people about this Alliance, and get them to accept the badge - maybe even give them extras, so they can do the same thing if their enclosure doesn't have means to replicate it!

...On a more practical level, I have a means to make these fairly fast, but for the demand I'm expecting, I'd prefer a way to speed up even that, so if anyone has some sort of duplicating spell or means to make a mass production machine for these sorts of pin badges I'd like to try to learn it.

That's all. I hope you'll consider this. [And that... was polite enough. She exhales] Over and out.

[As always this is an open discussion, like all posts on this community are, to feel feel to use it as such. EDIT: a google doc on other enclosures]
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[The following transmission is both dictated and typed.]

Attention all residents of Luceti. This is Gai Tsutsugami, transmitting this over the secure network that is concealed from the Malnosso. Doctor Trafalgar Law is also with me. We're reporting in on the mission that took place from the 7th to the 11th of September.

As some of you may know, those of us on that mission were sent to a desert to investigate and report in on the activities of a mercenary group known as the Iron Eye. The Malnosso wanted us to ascertain whether or not these mercenaries were a threat to them, and if so, to take steps to neutralize that threat. What we found was far more than any of us had bargained for.

Details about the mission )

I confronted one of the members of the Iron Eye with our suspicions and learned that their objective was to find the entrance to the cultist city so that they could destroy it with a Shift explosive that was developed in collaboration with Bil.

[Let that sink in for a moment.]

We were then faced with a choice: did we help the Iron Eye gain ground in the war against the Third Party, or did we do what we were sent out there to do and report their activities to the Malnosso, and lose a potential ally in the process? Whatever decision we made would have repercussions. The question was whether the potential benefits outweighed the risks.

In the end, we chose to side with the Iron Eye and help them find the entrance to the city. It was uncovered shortly before our departure by a group of Iron Eye members. The bomb itself was still being built when we returned here, but now they had a target on which to use it.

We were told when we left that the Shift Bomb would take at least one more week to complete, meaning that it should be deployed any day now. Let's just hope that it ends up being as effective as they seem to believe it will be.

(OOC: Open discussion post for the mission aftermath! Gai and Law will answer questions, and anyone else who was also on the mission can feel free to do so as well. Start your own threads, threadjack, do whatever you want.)
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[On the evening of September 1st, the following transmission is both dictated and typed.]

Hey, Luceti. This is Nara Shikamaru, and I'm transmitting this over a secure network that, unlike the one our personal journals operate on, is hidden from the Malnosso. Before I get to the point of this briefing, I wanted to touch on some things I heard out in the field concerning recent events. All there is are tidbits here and there.

Some of you might know CJ from the MARS program. It seems he's been promoted to head of Region 6 - that's the region Luceti and Kin'cora fall under. Something about "barrier incompatibilities" too, as the Malnosso try to fix those. I can confirm Carol's reports that Luceti wasn't the only enclosure targeted by Zompano's invasion. Vaskoth is lost. Pagoda, Quell, and Zompania haven't recovered yet, or at least no one's seen them since. Other than us, the only enclosure that was able to overcome the illusions on their own was Tyrus.

If we get the chance, we need to do what we can to help these people. I don't know why, but we're not very popular with the other enclosures right now - more so than usual, anyways. Thing is, however they might act and do, we don't need more enemies right now. We're all in the same boat, and we should be working together. It's a tall order, but we have no excuse not to try.

[Silence follows for a good minute. Not a lot of people are going to be thinking about this after the rest of the news he has to share, he knows, but he stills wants them thinking about it.]

To get back to what I came on here for... Last night, the decryption program that was working on the keycard cracked its first code. We've opened the door labeled "Classified", and if you wish to see it for yourself you may do so at this time. I wouldn't recommend that for everyone, but that's getting ahead of things.

As it happens, Classified did yield results, including notes from the personal journal of a Doctor Sallis Kal. I'll transcribe them now.

[The following is typed only, with dictation continuing once more following the notes.]

Read more... )

You probably noticed the jump in the dates between her final two entries. Everything in her journal besides that was ripped out. Most of the room itself was gutted. Chunks of machines have been removed, and all of the filing cabinets have been cleaned out with the exception of one. It contains the files on the research subjects the Malnosso used for their experiments, including the death penalty research mentioned in the doctor's notes.

Besides that, there's nothing else but human remains: Sallis Kal herself. If you can't handle it, don't come poking around. Keep the kids back while you're at it.

To end things on a more positive level, thanks to her presence we found more than we thought we would in Classified. We have plans to open another door soon, so watch out for that. As always, feel free to discuss among yourselves, but absolutely do not speak of anything you heard here off of this channel. It might only be a formality at this point, but this can only stay a secure network so long as the Malnosso don't catch wind of it.

[/end transmission]

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Residents. This is Chief Petty Officer Daisy SPARTAN-023.

I am informing that on July 15th of the fifth registered cycle of the Luceti enclosure, we are getting close on cracking the code for the card key and the terminals found for the recently discovered installations in the tunnels. Now the decision lies on which door to open for our benefit.

The doors present in the new areas reached are the following:

- Archives
- Armory
- Call Center
- Classified
- Garage
- R&D
- Recreation
- Security
- Storage

Due to the risk of the card being good for one use only as a likely safety procedure used in the past for these installations, this choice will be held by democratic vote. We don't know what will be find in any of these doors, so choose wisely. While intel is always precious in this place... so is tech.

((OOC: This is a discussion post, use it for your characters to speak about the possibilities and the tunnels that could be used, and why.))
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Finding the keycard )

After Vash does all he can with what's available to him in the tunnels he, for the first time, boots up the laptop for private conversations with all of Luceti. His voice sounds a bit stuffy, as he's still recovering from a cold, and the picture is of a man with long blond hair tied back in a short pony tail.]

Hey, for people who don't know me, this is Vash. I was exploring the tunnels and I've found something. [He holds the keycard up for the web camera to see.] I've tried to see if it would work on the doors around here with no luck. Doesn't seem like it was made for that, however, it looks like it can fit into one of the computers here if we can get the computer up and running.

I've done what I've can so far, but it seems like it's going to need a few new parts to be up and running smoothly. I know my way around a computer, but it's been a long time since I've worked with the hardware in them. [And he doesn't want to mess this up.] Someone else should take a look at this. I don't know what we'll be able to find out from all of this, but it's worth a shot.

[Vash will be around to field what questions people may have. He's also going to be spending the next few days in the tunnels if you wish to come find him for an action thread. Of course, feel free to tag around with each other! Vash won't be able to answer all the questions after all. Or start your own action threads with each other, although if you DON'T want Vash in an action post please tell me, otherwise I'll be tagging in!]
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 [It's been almost two weeks since the mission, and Kotetsu's barely managed to hold himself together during that time; a royal mess, you'd say. But with the arrival of Kaede and the underlying truth that, eventually, it'd be brought up... He decides he'll put his two cents out there.] 

... A while ago, me and a buncha' others went on a mission. It was s'pposed to be a pretty normal thing; I mean, routine stuff. But then, we were attacked... and things got a little fuzzy and crazier than it should've. [A pause, as he considers what to say. How to say it. Maybe he shoulda' picked out someone who was better at words or... hell, even wrote down what he was planning to say. As it is, he's sitting here with a few bullet points scribbled out, itching his head.]

From what everyone could tell, it was a band of dream shifters, like the kind people fought before. And that General Ass--... guy was in there, too. I met him in a dream, and he basically helped to get me out of it. Like he did for other people. It's pretty confusing, you know? That he'd help us out. But he told me... before everything got hard to keep track of, he told me that...

[He massages his temple, trying to remember the exact words.]

He said they wanted to offer us to the planet. Some--special hour, or something. That his people had a bigger plan for us. Said he'd kill me right where I was if it wasn't for everything else goin' on. Tch, he was basically just a confusing bastard. But what I could tell was that there were people like him--those third party fellas--that weren't on his side. Dream guys who wanted him to go down, because he was just as stuck as we were by the looks of it. Or else he'd just let us all die and be on his way, right? 

And--! (shi-) [flipping over a paper, one sec] He said something about.... Shamans...? That things don't stay dead without 'em. He was looking for one while we were stuck there.

[There's a hushed silence. Sounding pretty uncool there Kaburagi. Try to at least sound like you know exactly what to include.]

I, uh, don't know what else I should add. It was all a pretty big blur, but I figured... the malnosso tried to get me to talk about it, but I figured it'd be better off here. The people who were there can also add some stuff here. Leave the line open for all the stuff they can--contribute? [is that a decent way of phrasing it] Or if anyone has any questions I'll try my best to answer 'em. I think this info is just as much yours as it is anyone there. The others probably got things more thought-out than me... so...





because talking in length about this frustrating shit is too much]

((ooc: basically a free-for-all, especially for anyone who has anything to offer from the mission! I figured we could have this up even without everything threaded out, can add replies as we go? go for the stars, n' stuff. :|))

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Hi, Luceti. For those of you who don't know me, my name is Jane Foster. For several months, I've been working with Tony Stark on a project. A project to get all of us home.

For most of that time the project was kept pretty much secret. Even then, it wasn't entirely safe. We suspect the Malnosso know what we're up to and aren't too happy with us. That's exactly why we want to bring it to the rest of you and step it up: so we can finish this faster than they expect us to and get out of here before they can try to stop us.

The basics are actually pretty straightforward: we're building a device that can open a wormhole, get us through the barrier, and back to our respective worlds and universes. Don't ask about the technicalities unless you're really sure you want them. It's complex stuff.

What we need from all of you is missions. We're close to completion, but there are still a lot of parts we need to complete the device. The only way to get those parts is to buy them with mission points. You guys go out on missions, earn points, buy the parts we specify, and bring those parts to us. Pretty simple, right?

We're not saying you have to participate. But we wanted to open up the project to anyone else in the village who might care to help.

Like I said, it could be dangerous. Helping us probably isn't without consequences. If that's a risk you're willing to take, you can come talk to me or Tony and we'll give you more specifics.

So uh ... any questions, I guess? Fire away. We're both here.

(ooc: Both Jane and Tony will reply to responses here. Feel free to threadjack like nuts.)
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[This transmission is both typed and dictated, coming early evening of the 3rd of November.]

Evening, Luceti. I’m Trafalgar Law, and for those of you who aren’t familiar with this entire process, I’m transmitting over a secure network that can’t be seen by the Malnosso.

As most of you are aware, thanks to the efforts of Miss Precis, Miss Cheria, Mister Claude, and Shikamaru, a new section of the tunnel complex was revealed to us early in October. In there, there are two consoles, each requiring a key to activate the system it’s connected to. Neither key was present at the site; however there was a clue to one’s location on the wall of messages in the complex:

“The key is buried in the desert, in a box. Fifty feet north of the ancient temple’s entrance, in a box of lead. If we ever find the other one, maybe we’ll see the true purpose of this place. ”

Given its importance, Miss Nami and I set out to retrieve this key. On Oct 25, right before the draft [Please don’t ask why they were up at that time.] we managed to retrieve it. Currently the other key remains at large.

Miss Nami’s not currently available to answer questions about this and its discovery as she’s conducting the mikan harvest right now, and is short a few hands. She could probably use a little help. In the meantime, I’ll be glad to answer what I can.

As of always, please keep all discussions to this entry and do not direct others to it via the journals. This is a hidden network from the Malnosso and we’re trying to keep it that way.
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Hey-o Luceti, how's it going?! This is Pascal coming to you from the super secret tappy-tap things! I've been waiting to come down here forever and get my hands on 'em ever since Precis did her thing not too long ago, they're pretty intense. I bet if I just plonk on this thing...

[Everyone is now treated to a few minutes of Pascal tapping the camera and purposely rubbing her hands over the microphone a few times. Now this setup is pretty sweet, way better than the outdated junk that was found further down the tunnels... Oh right, important stuff. It wouldn't be right if Pascal came down here and just talked, she has a journal for that, so have some typing.]

Okay, so a little while back me and some other guys all went off on this mission to learn about the droids. Not only that, but we went off to make sure all the droidy guys get super messed up! Not sooo messed up that you can tell, but you know, tiny itty-bitty things that are actually HUGE. If any droids showed up to drag you off to the draft then maybe you already know that they've seriously been knocked down a peg, or ten. Or whole stack of pegs!

Let's see. The droids have this endless zappy battery so they can keep going on and on and ooon, but a few of us guys tweaked a few things or whatever and now they're not so endless! Or they might just overheat on you, but that's really good too! Just not for the droids. I think there was some thunkathunk on the armor and joints the droids have, but one of the techies will need to field that!

What else... Oh, yeah, right! There are like billions of lines of code and stuff in those guys! There's so much that you could slip in something without anyone else knowing, but that secret something ends up being major pain in the butt. Or a pain in the crotch, you should all go for the crotch! Those droids might be able to calculate a kabillion different way to fight back, but they'll be totally stumped if you aim for between their legs. Not only that, but if the droids seem distracted or frozen then that was us too! Turns out that if you turn (this) into ((this) then you really kafrazzle them!

And that's it! If you want to ask anything then go ahead, I'll be here to answer all your droid-like questions and stuff.

[Or she'll be answering when she isn't staring intently at the laptop and poking around a little.

OOC - Open discussion. Threadjacking is definitely encouraged, especially as Pascal probably isn't the best at explaining the nitty gritty stuff in a more straightforward way.]


Oct. 9th, 2012 11:10 pm
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Hey, everyone! Precis F. Neumann here. You know, the girl who’s always running around with her robot? I kind of died last month on a mission? You’ve probably seen me around or something, but I’m too busy working in my room doing genius mechanical things to come out sometimes. The introduction’s out of the way, so let’s get this started, alright? Try not to get lost here, because I discovered something brand new, and it’s a big one.

So, let’s start at the beginning. Some of you might remember a mission where we had to rescue some captives from a hostage situation at Desset Hopsital? On the fourth, there was a bit of an incident with a shift bomb. I tried to disarm it, but I died in the process. Sucks, huh? I saved everyone else, though, so Davis sent me a gift. Cheria and I used it to locate a new door in the tunnels. I’ve been spending the last month trying to find the code, but it wasn't something I had access to. Shikamaru was able to open it, though. I guess Claude was there, too, kind of helping.

Back on track. Something brand new. If you go look in the tunnels, you’ll see what I mean. Just look for the door you haven’t seen before. Are you still with me? Don’t give up yet. It won’t kill you to do a little reading.

Anyways, we found a workshop in there. Lots of computers and a whole lot of nothing. There’s actually a bulletin board I think you guys should come and check out. Some of it is useless information to someone like me, but some of it is pretty interesting. Something about monsters and February and not having children. That’s the boring part. A lot of things are faded out and useless, but I did manage to figure out a few things.

So, one thing I found was that the workplace’s mainframe? It was totally wiped. On purpose. The computer is old by Earth standards and pretty useless, but that much is clear. Whatever they were keeping down there, it’s not something we’re going to get back. There’s also a door we can’t get through right now. The map says that there’s an elevator behind it, but let that sink in for a moment. An elevator going up would lead back to our village, right? Or into the mountains. I think it’s pretty safe to say that there’s more of this place we haven’t seen yet.

That’s pretty much it. You guys should come take a look for yourselves. You might be able to make more sense of it than I did, especially since I haven’t even been here for a year yet, you know? That’s pretty much all the obvious stuff, anyways.

I guess I’ll sum it all up for you. I died (it’s still weird saying that!), I got a little gift, and we found a new place in the tunnels. It’s open for everyone now, so come take a look. I can answer your questions, too, I guess.

[ooc; Feel free to threadjack and discuss. Precis will try to get to everyone, but if I get overwhelmed, Shikamaru and Claude will jump in. The entire post is also text.

Also! This is forward-dated to the morning of the 10th, and the date of the discovery is being bumped up to October 9th. This was agreed upon by Pi, Trap, and myself because logs take time.]
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[Voice // Posted ~3PM]

[So he found the New Mission pop up on the books earlier today the mod post said it would appear a week before hand so and he looked at what it was... and the date... and the droid arm in his apartment...

He can't help but snicker. He considers using his book for this, but decides while it makes things less theatrical, it also probably serves the residents here better to have it not be 100% public. So during the time he'd normally be at the Dome, he instead crawls into the tunnels for-

This is all said in a jovial tone unless otherwise noted]

Hey, hey! You all know Shikamaru-kun's birthday is coming up, riiiight? Riight? Oh, well, if you didn't, it is! And I actually planned something super special for his birthday a week from now, but it seems the Malnosso went and made the mission I'd so painfully chosen public! [And he sighs a lamentation] Alas, with my surprise no longer a surprise, I thought it best to simply deliver the gift early.

So happy early birthday, Shikamaru, my man! And for everyone else, please flip to the back of your journals [where missions are noted] To see what I'm on about! I'm sure you'll agree I really outdid myself!

[There's a three or so minute pause before this next part is typed]

But no seriously, this mission could have some importance to us. Anyone who would like to get some payback and planning on the droid situation ought to sign up for it. And talk about it here if you want.

[Like with most LucetiLocked posts consider this jack around and open discussion-able about the mission even if you don't know this guy or his friend]
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[The following took Katara the better part of three hours to type, but she managed to work it so that the transcript is released at the same time as the voice recording.]

Hi, everyone. This is Katara and I’m going to be joining the Welcome Center staff this cycle, so I’m using this system to ask everyone to help out with something. But first, for all you New Feathers - this is a secure channel. It’s the only place we know of that we can discuss things without the Malnosso overhearing. So we’re free to say what we want here, and not have to worry about it being overheard, but we should be careful about repeating any of it on the journals if it’s something we don’t want them to know.

Now about the Welcome Center, as I was going through the material we have there, I thought of something. One of the first questions anyone asks when we get here is “How do we get out?” I know I did. So it might be nice to have a list of things that people have tried to break the barrier to show New Feathers when they come in - maybe there’s some way that their skills can augment something that’s already been tried. It wouldn’t be a bad idea for all of us to talk about what we’ve done either, but if you don’t feel comfortable discussing that, that’s okay too.

[She hesitates. But this has been really bothering her and she thinks it’s important so she dives back in.]

Secondly... I’ve been in Luceti nearly three years now. I know there was a time before I got here that the Third Party was able to break through our barrier, but I’ve never heard of another enclosure being relocated here for safety. And... I know a lot of bad things happened. Two of the people most important to me were injured by the people staying in Kin’cora. They raided our stores and they hunted in our forests and attacked us - and we hurt them back. We killed them. And outside of Luceti, there is no one to remove death penalties. Whatever they lost, they lost for as long as they’re here.

I just got back from a mission where there was an entire ward of people who had been here for too long which this place had... broken. And they were from the outside. They were soldiers and civilians, some of them who had died so many times that things were just... missing.

[It had been terrible. She pauses and tries to focus herself back on topic.]

My point is that we might have had a chance to make a difference when the people from Kin’cora were here, and I’m not sure what kind of difference we made. I was so proud of the way people fell in to help with hunting parties and rations, and the way the medical workers responded by taking in the people who had already been wounded. But after going on that last mission and after everything that happened while they were here, I think it’s important to talk about it. What did we learn about the world outside our barrier? Is there anything we can do differently in case something like this happens again?

[In case we are the ones sent somewhere else?]

I know we all want to get out of here. We all want to go home. It's hard not to give up hope. That's why it's so important to talk about what we've experienced and learned so that together we can find a way to make a difference.

[Even tiny drops of water can erode a giant rock, if given enough time.]


((OOC: This is an open discussion post. Katara won't be responding to every tag. There will be a separate thread for listing off attempts to break the barrier - feel free to threadjack in there too, that's just for convenient linking purposes - and the rest of it is all threadjacking and discussion ahoy! So have fun!))
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[The locked system activates without much warning; it seemed like a bad idea to spread it around that anyone was going down there. Red is Alexei, Blue is Nephry]

Good evening, Luceti. I, Alexei Denoia and Miss Nephry Osborne have been working on creating a more compressed version of the guide for the more common misconceptions about Luceti.

There have been changes in the village and our overall knowledge in the past few months; added to the different explanations and disparate information that can drift around, it seems best to provide a place where we can lay out the truth, as it were.

We’ve compiled a list of what we’re already aware of, but feel free provide any other misconception we may have missed.

And it’s all right to ask questions about anything for which you need more clarification.

We’ll try to answer them if we can, and if not, I’m sure someone else will be able to explain for all of us.

Misconceptions listed below )

These are the more common pieces of misinformation we hear around Luceti and from the New Feathers. Hopefully, this will help to better clarify those who were misinformed and the New Feathers that will likely be arriving soon. Any further questions and additional information can now be brought to the table.

[[ooc: Threadhopping encouraged! Threading amongst each other is allowed. The first reply is an “index thread” so you can quick jump around if you want to. Long answers may take some time to get a response since things need to be double-checked]]
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[After dusk on the evening of the second day, two people approach the entrance to the tunnels. One remains above, casually acting as a lookout, while the other slips into the tunnel once the coast is clear. A short while later, the following typewritten message appears on the journal.

For once, Minato has a lot to say, and the text (and the privacy) are necessary for making sure it works out.]

Hello, Luceti. My name is Minato Arisato. I'm using the secure network for this message.

We know that Kin'cora is just one of the enclosures outside of Luceti. Normally we don't get to see people from outside except on missions. Right now we have a special chance.

I've seen people on both sides getting angry about this situation. But the reality is, we are all on the same side. Every person in an enclosure is kept ignorant by the Malnosso. We still don't know much about what happens in this world beyond the war. Neither do the Kin'corans. And that's our chance. I want to ask everyone to try and befriend as many visitors as you can. They won't be here forever. That means they'll end up in other places. If they know they have people here willing to help them, we'll have the advantage.

Back home, I found power from making connections with strangers I could have ignored. It's the same here. Two enclosures are much stronger than one. We don't know when we might meet the Kin'corans again on a mission. If we do, we can exchange information. But if they are still afraid of us when that happens, they won't help.

I know it won't be easy. But we can't think of this as a problem. This is a chance that we can't waste.

Thanks for reading. If someone else has something to say securely, please go ahead. The Malnosso can't access this posting.

[And so ends the longest thing he's written since coming to Luceti. Maybe no one will listen. Maybe they will. But Minato is confident that something will change. Luceti is full of good people in a bad situation - just as Kin'cora must be. They have the power to work things out.]
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[On the evening of July 2nd, the following transmission is both typed and dictated.]

Evening, Luceti. My name is Nara Shikamaru; I'm a resident of this enclosure like the rest of you, and am transmitting this over a secure network that can't be seen by the Malnosso.

The last few weeks have been difficult. To be brief, on the twelfth of June, the Malnosso made a demand of the village to hand over a man known to us as "Catherine". [Here on the typed version, said demand is linked now.] Don't know who that is? Albert Silverberg summed him and some other key figures up best on this same channel back in February. I suggest taking a look.

[And again a link, this time to here. He doesn't want to explain things any more than necessary, it gets tedious.]

Catherine, or Bil as I'll refer to him, was seriously injured in an attack made on the Battle Dome in April. His assistant, Molly, was taken in the same raid, but Bil remained and his treatment was left to us. The village decided to keep things that way, and it's so that he died in our care. The droids the Malnosso sent to find him captured decoys instead, myself included. From there we were taken to a facility.

Read more... )

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask them here or to discuss recent events in general - any information that may have been gathered from the attack on the village or on the draft. Please keep all such discussion to this entry, however, and do not point anyone towards it on the journals. This network remains hidden from the Malnosso, and we'd like to keep it that way.

Thank you.

[/end transmission]

(ooc: Anyone is free to ask questions and start discussions on this post. If there are any specific questions for Shikamaru, he'll get to them.)

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[Later this evening, a written post goes out on the public comm through the locked channels from the tunnels. Law is busy as hell, so he won't be answering this very much. Not to mention he hates public broadcasting like this.

But he said he would do this. So he will.]


It's been suggested that there be a public meeting, and so I'm putting up a public notice that there will be one at 10:00am, Wednesday morning at the Barracks to discuss the current situation with the Malnosso and Sir Catherine. For those wanting more details on the situation, the original post by the Organization can be found, here.

Please do not talk about the meeting anywhere but here on this entry through the journals. The Malnosso do not know about this locked channel, and we are trying to keep it that way.

Thank you in advance;

T. Law
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[This transmission is voiced with a written transcript appearing just moments later. Because he's so nice like that.]

Evening, Luceti--your friendly, neighborhood Iron Man here. For anyone who's tried studying the Malnosso droids, I'd like to have a word with you. As most of you know, when those suckers track you down to kidnap you, they're virtually unstoppable. But the Mallies made a point to volunteers for one of their upcoming missions that the droids were not to be studied--makes me wonder if that means they know somebody has. Might have gone and upset them--but that's not the point. I don't want to hear about your paper towel tube projects, but if you really know something about those droids because you've studied them, we need to talk.

[Short 'n' sweet. He's not giving out any of his own information on this subject without getting some first. Better make it worth his time!]
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